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If the answer is not here get in touch hello@therapy2massage

Are you a massage Therapist?

I am a Physical Therapist.

What's the difference?

I have been trained to apply medical therapy, my concentrations are Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Sports Therapies.  I will treat you as you would expect from any member of medical staff.

Will my health insurance cover me?

For general treatment and injuries you will need to check if your Insurance accepts CNHC, FHT, STO registered practitioners. CNHC updates its list here

For lymphoedema and other conditions requiring MLD you should declare that I am NHS trained in Lymphoedema management (Manual Lymphatic Drainage &  Compression Bandaging)

Do I need a Doctor’s referral?

Generally no, but some conditions may require you to confirm with your doctor first, if you are unsure then get in touch.
If you are undergoing management of a condition, we may ask to liase with your doctor to ensure you get the best treatment and to comply with any requirements.

Doctors have different opinions, hence two people with identical conditions, but different doctors, may recieve two different thoughts on the same treatment, I must follow the conditions laid down by your doctor.

What conditions do you treat?

Treatment is for MSK (Musloskeletal), it revolves around the soft tissues of the body. These will be muscles, ligaments, tendons, injuries to them and rehabilitation after surgery like knee replacements.
Lymphatic system management . Swelling and scars due to injury or surgery.
Fully trained in Casely-Smith DLT and LTA MLD to work with Compromised lymphatic systems.

Scar therapy I am trained in Restore Scar Therapy.

How much does it cost?

Price depends on the service and sometimes the opportunity exists to work a little longer, in these cases no extra charge is made. If I need to travel then an additional charge for fuel and time will be necessary, although I tend to only travel for those who can not get to me, because of their conditions.  I

Please refer to the price tarrif.

How many treatments will I need?

That can be a difficult question as it depends on the condition, how long you have had it, how you respond and how accurate the feedback from you is, but ultimately it is your choice.
Typically, the first treatment is gathering information, applying techniques, and seeing how you respond. If we cannot do anymore to help or we think you can now manage it with the information we provide it will be your choice to self-manage or have us help you.
If we think that it is beyond our area of speciality or it requires a specialist we will inform you in order for you to choose.

What do I wear?

Firstly we will keep you covered and only uncover where we are working.

It depends on the particular treatment and whether there is an associated condition or not.

When applying MLD it will depend on how and what we are trying to achieve.

If you are having a full body treatment with a medium (lotion/wax), then maximum would be underwear.  Treatments that just involve pressure and stretching, can be given with light leggins and t-shirts.

Ladies remember if working on your back we may need to unclip your bra, if you are having your glutes done, we can do some work through shorts but light underwear may tear, again it is what you are comfortable with.

We would suggest, for a treatment of an injury or problem area you may like to wear loose shorts and ladies a bra  that can be unclipped or easy to move straps, because sometimes when testing muscles you may need to move around a lot, which will make normal draping difficult.

Having said that, as long as I can treat you and you are comfortable the choice is yours.

My body is not perfect!

No ones is! We all have things we hate about our bodies!

You may be worried you haven't shaved, you're overweight or you have scars.
We are not judging what you look like, we only check where we are working. Providing we can work safely we will.
All we ask is you try to shower before coming for the treatment, if it is a hot day or you are travelling on foot, we can always use body wipes.

What conditions do you treat?

We treat soft tissue conditions (sprains, strains, tears), Odema (swelling), Lymphodema and Scar Tissue, pre & Post-Op and also recovery from cosmetic surgery.

Can I have a Chaperone?


In fact if you are under 18 you must have a chapherone, (please note, if you look under 18 I will ask for proof).

If you are over 18 generally it is your choice to have a chaperone, but please inform me if you intend to bring one.

A chaperone should not be a family member, except for the under 18's.

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