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Therapy Services

See the Results

Whether you visit is for a one-off treatment or a longer course of action, I want you to be able to play an active role in your recovery.

As part of your treatment, I may suggest: Ultrasound, Infrared, TEN’s, EMS, Percussive Therapy, Photobiomodulation (Low-Level Laser) or  Inversion Table Therapy, etc.

These devices work in different ways to either assist in rehabilitation, recovery or pain relief.

These will all be discussed with you and as part of the treatment, we do not charge extra for using these within the session.


Skin Cancer Awarness

Masced is a program by
Aiming to teach people how to recognise sign of possible skin cancer.
As trained therapists, we may spot something that we would advise you to get checked, that is not to say it is anything bad but better to be safe than sorry.
The link will take you to a 3rd party site for further information.

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