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Injury Protocol

Keep this info handy may never know when you need.

Remember the information below relies on your knowledge of the injury, if unsure seek help.

If you have just hurt yourself and there is any chance it could be a fracture or break, then hospital is a must. You can use ice for the pain and swelling as below, immobilise the injury and get medical help.

If you are sure, it is a strain or sprain follow the protocol below:

There are different grades of injuries which may not be obvious, also remember pain may be referred (the injury may not be where you feel the pain), if you are not sure, get help.

If it’s swollen apply ice (not directly on the skin), this can be in the form of frozen peas, great because it can be moulded, apply it with a barrier such as a tea towel between the skin and the ice.

Keep it place for 5-10 minutes then remove it, this can be repeated every 30 minutes. Be careful if you have numbness, as you won’t feel how cold it is getting!

It’s important to rest the injury for up to 72 hours, depending how bad it is. The reason is it has to get past the initial healing stage.

After this time, you should gently start to mobilise it, don’t keep it static, this is the best method for recovery. If there is swelling and heat note that these are indications that things have not settled. Don’t force any movement.

Good luck, hope you don’t need this and stay safe!

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