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Muscle Cramps

What are muscle cramps?

An uncontrolled contraction of the muscle, they can occur due to the muscle overuse injury, repeating the same motion too many times, strain or holding a position.

Cramps during exercise may be due to dehydration causing an imbalance in electrolytes also due to failing to warm up correctly, fatigue, exertion and strenuous workouts.

Bad digestion leading to waste products circulating in the blood stream instead of being eliminated can also lead to cramps.

What can we do?

Stretch before and after exercising.

Don’t over work the muscles causing fatigue.

Stay hydrated (if cramps during exercise are common try lemon juice with a little salt)

Increase mineral intake such as calcium (not too much) potassium and magnesium you can get this from bananas and potatoes (have a banana before bed if you get night cramps)

If night cramps are a problem, then avoid drinks with caffeine in the evenings and don’t wear tight socks in bed.

Drink fresh orange juice.

If you do get a cramp, try to stretch the muscle concerned and if possible slow the blood flow by applying a cold pack.

Finally, if they are a common occurrence then seek medical care as there may be a deeper lying cause.

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