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The effect of massage on DOMS: Improves muscle formation and regeneration.

What is DOMS?

DOMS is the result of microdamage to the muscles. Usually noticed after a training session, where the workout has been particularly strenuous or unfamiliar; having said that DOMS does not only affect sportspeople it affects everyone regardless of how fit they.

Generally, DOMS is a normal response of the body to something that is new, unfamiliar, or excessive. The resulting feeling is usually sore and painful muscles, which may make it difficult to use those particular muscles through their full range of motion or to maximum strength. If you happen to be relying on peak performance for sporting event or your job depends on a certain level of strength, you will definitely not be operating at peak level.

The muscle soreness or pain is not felt straightaway it is usually noticed 24 to 48 hours after the event that caused it, if the pain is felt straight away you may have a muscle strain. Once it is felt expected to last for around 3 to 4 days.

What is the effect of massage?

Massage and massage modalities help to return the muscle to normal but it the research found that it had a profound effect on the muscle regeneration.

The problem so far has been there had been no research showing the effects. In this research using mechanotherapy (massage guns) not only did they provide a repeatable test but showed what was happening via imaging.

N.B Before you go mad using a massage gun for everything, be aware that incorrect use could cause you worsen an injury and not all massage guins are equal.

In this interesting research, they have managed to show what is actually going on, how massage not only improves muscle recovery but also how it can improve muscle strength and growth.

The research shows that the effect of massage is not just feeling good, stretching, and relaxing the muscles but also “rapidly clears immune cells called neutrophils out of severely injured muscle tissue” [1]

The report shows how the loading provided via massage, clears immunes and inflammatory cells which lead to the muscle regeneration, it also found that treated muscles a greater reduction in damaged muscle fibres, these fibres also had an increased area and strength. Clearing these at an early stage resulted in better muscle regeneration and increase muscle size.

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