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The Vagus Nerve: Longest Cranial nerve in the body.

The Vagus Nerve

I am currently researching the Vagus Nerve and first indications are positive, there is currently a lot of medical interest into it. My initial interest is reduction in pain, inflammation not attributed to injury and fatigue.

What is it?

The Vagus Nerve starts in the brain and attaches to all major organs in the body as well as areas. It is involved in both sensory and motor functions and impacts us in way that are still under investigation, what is known is it affects us in ways that we would normally consider to be our environment, food or medication, that is not to say they do not impact the Vagus nerve which is the cause, only research will tell.

What does it do?

According to research, it plays a part in mental and physical health.

Some of the effects are:

1. When strong we can expect better health and positive thoughts.

2. When weak we experience negative thoughts, like depression and isolation as well as other health problems.

The two nervous systems are affected by the functioning of the Vagus nerve, the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS)and the central nervous system(CNS) The difference can be found here

Some effects from ( ) that can be caused by dysfunction of the Vagus nerve include:

* Anxiety

* Brain fog

* Chronic Fatigue

* Depression

* Dizziness or fainting

* Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS

* Weight gain

Left unchecked, can lead to:

* Fibromyalgia

* Heart disease

* Memory disorders

* Migraines

* Mood disorders

* Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

* Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

* Poor blood circulation

As a simple test I decided to see what it does to my heartbeat as it is supposed to calm.

My simple test affecting heart rate, this is what happened when sitting quietly:

My resting heart rate 62 BPM

If I over stimulate 80 BPM

If I apply gentle stimulation 45 BPM

20 minutes after stopping gentle stimulation 55 BPM

certainly calming.

It is not scientific based on two tests but if it continues over a period, I will be convinced that there is a place for it

More information in research papers

More information simple form

Note that his is not a clinical setting, I’m just sitting at home and reading research and running tests.

What now?

Well from my point I will carry on testing and looking at research. If you have any issues you may like to research it too. Note that if you have heart or brain disorders you should seek medical advice before trying any stimuli.

If you would like to try Vagus Nerve Stimulation, then by all means check in with me



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