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What qualifies you to offer these services?

Updated: Apr 11

A lot of investment in the form of time and training has gone into learning the tools of the trade. I believe in lifelong learning hence you will always find me updating my knowledge.

I believe that obtaining training from different providers allows one to build a service that can makes use of different techniques to provide a better service, as such training has been from formal educational and private establishments, the largest of course being the NHS, for the theraputic and clinical skills nessesary to meet medical needs within the hospital setting. As a volunteer within the oncology department I am required to meet certain standards to safely work with patients.

In the complementary therapy a mix of Eastern and Western ideas and techniques that help to find what is right for you.

Ayurvedic therapies bring you ideas and treatments from India. These have been in use for over 5000 years and many have formed modern western ideas and treatments. Massage and diet.

The same can be said of Chinese therapies, cupping, Dry needling

Western complementary therapies: Various Massages and techniques like Muscle Energy techniques and Soft Tissue release.


L3 Swedish Massage

L3 Sports Massage

L4 Sports and Remedial Massage

L5 Clinical and Sports Therapy

L6 Lymphoedema Management (Manual Lymphatic Drainage & Compression Bandaging, trained by the NHS)

Osteopathic techniques for treating injuries and conditions

Diploma in Ayurvedic Therapies

LTA Cert & FG-MLD Cert (Lymphoedema Management and Lymphatic Drainage)

Cancer Massage Training

MASCED PRO Early Skin Cancer Detection

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA England)

First Aider

Included in the above: Cupping, Dry Needling, Ultrasound, TEN's EMS, Infrared, Photobiomodulation (Red light/Low level laser) Kinesio Taping, Joint mobilisation, Rehabilitation, Strapping.

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