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Worried that a skin condition could be serious?

There are all sorts of skin conditions, some could have serious consequences like cancer others are just irritating, what they have in common is that cosmetically they upset people, because unless it is a part of your body that is covered it is on show to the world.

You may have had a mole for years but suddenly it has changed, or a lesion may have appeared, if you are on your own detecting some of these things are not easy. If you have a partner or family member you can always get them to check, you over once in a while and alert you of any concerns.

As a physical therapist who see more of people’s bodies than they usually see I am ideally placed to notice things that may need to be checked, and that goes for all therapists, if you see one regularly for a massage than ask them to check if everything looks normal, it is a start.

By the time you spot something a lot of time may have already passed and waiting for a diagnosis can be a worrying time and getting to see a consultant dermatologist can take around 18 weeks. Whether it is a rash or something you may think is cancerous time is important.

A mobile app development aims to reduce this to around 3 days and allows you to do it yourself. The MySkinDoctor uses experienced consultant dermatologists and should there be a concern, your patient record will alert your GP. The idea being you get an appointment a lot faster should you need one.

MySkinDoctor can be used with the NHS or privately, it is regulated by the CQC.

To find out more visit their site and decide whether to download the app; hopefully you don't have anything to worry about.

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